Microneedling Face

Microneedling Face

Microneedling is really a “work” treatment. Due to the small and controlled damage to the skin, you elicit collagen production and literally stimulate activity. By adding a mesoline cocktail packed with various active ingredients you stimulate the deeper skin layer in order to improve. After the microneedling, the skin reacts and feels a little tight or irritated. That is why the treatment is immediately followed with a special calming fleece mask and Omnilux Led light. Please note: this treatment can only be booked after an intake appointment so that you know exactly what to expect.

After treatment:

It is important to take the following into account after the treatment: on the day of treatment you can apply a soothing cream at most, but nothing else, the day after it is recommended to not do too much. After 48 hours, everything is allowed again (make-up, intensive sweating, etc.). A microneedling treatment works for at least a month in the form of collagen build-up and skin improvement and can be repeated after about three weeks.

Required Intake (45 min) €50,-
Want to know about micro needling? I'll answer all your questions and give you a thorough assessment of the possibilities.-
Microneedling Face (90 min) €195,-
including soothing fleece mask and Omnilux Led light

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