Facial Massages

Method by Yakov Gershkovich, the buccal massage.
Kobi-do (60 min) €119,-
A beautiful japanese ritual, the ancient path to beauty
You relax while i workout your facial muscles and fascia
A gentle manual lymph drainage to get the glow, with the introduction of hot and cold elements
Gua Sha for glow and cupping for a lift. A delightful combination
A tailor made custom massage, especially for you.
This add-on can only be booked in combination with Facial Massages or Facials.


Glow with a capital G
Results will last longer with each treatment and multiple treatments will firm and tighten the skin.
A beautiful booster combination for your skin's elasticity. Cold laser and peeling are included.
A wonderful introduction to these brands.
Take a moment to relax with your choice of either Abloom or Ruhaku.
A tailor made facial adapted to your wishes
A short facial just for you
This add-on can only be booked in combination with a Facial

Skin Improvement

Required Intake (45 min) €50,-
Want to know about micro needling or pulsed light for skin improvement? I'll answer all your questions and give you a thorough assessment of the possibilities.
Microneedling therapy with the high quality Mesoline cocktails by Pluryal
Microneedling to improve the quality and quantity of your hair.
Collagen booster session or the removal of small veins or sun damage
Belly, legs or buttocks.
Upper arms
Add-on only in combination with a cupping massage

Hair Removal

Want to know all about permanent hair removal? I'll answer all your questions and you'll know exactly what to expect.
Lower legs from €250,-
Bikini/Buttocks from €125,-
Armpits from €90,-
Back/Shoulders from €200,-
Face/Neck from €75,-
Chest/Abdomen from €150,-


Lessons for Life. All exercises for face and neck to keep you looking fit and toned. A free 1 hour booster session is included in the price.
A single class, an introduction or a lengthy booster session because you got out of practice.
An introduction on how to use your own Gua Sha, roll-on or cups at home.
Aready a Gua Sha practitioner and eager to learn more? Interested in the 'moving cups' technique for your body?This is the one to book.

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