Sculptural Face Lifting

Sculptural Face Lifting

A natural facelift without the needles. This sculpting and toning  massage is a method by Yakov Gershkovich, targeting the muscles of the face and neck. The movements are long and vibrate, and cover all muscles in the face and neck area. According to Yakov, emotions or feelings literally “get stuck” in the muscles and through the intention of massaging these are also addressed. Part of the massage is done with gloves on to also massage the muscles on the inside of the cheek. This massage is also known as the buccal massage.

The full treatment takes 60 minutes, your total time spent with me will be about 75 minutes.

Should you have a full beard some movements of this massage will be adjusted.


Cryo Facial
For even more Glow, add this ice-cold finish to the massage.

Sculptural Face Lifting (60 min) €119,-
The method of Yakov Gershkovich
Add-on: Cryo Facial + €22,50
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