The start

Ever since starting out as a beautician (now about 20 years ago) Annemiek has always been eager to learn more. In search of more knowledge she found her salvation in courses, trainings and workshops looking for the meaning and nonsense of cosmetics, the effect of nutrition and general skin improvement methods.


About Annemiek

A few years ago, Annemiek became even more interested in the muscles underneath the skin and its effects on skin aging. “It seemed obvious to me to do something with it because the effect is really immediately visible. Face and neck are unique:  skin is literally attached to the muscle and muscle to muscle in this area. The latter is special, normally muscle runs to the joint, a bone or tendon, but the muscle around the mouth is attached to the muscles to the jaw and cheek. Imagine that you train or massage that, what an effect that would have?!”

There is no place in your body where muscles are so close to the skin as in the face and neck area.

From London to Paris

Thus Annemiek continued: her journey began with an intensive massage training, then that led to Eva Fraser in London where Annemiek completed the teacher training. Then on (after a lot of research) to Yakov Gershkovich who massages the muscles in the face and even intrabuccal (inside the cheek). The search ended (for the time being) in Paris, where Annemiek obtained her diploma at the Académie des Facialistes in early 2021. “The rest, as they say, is history. I now really have the feeling that everything: all the knowledge and skills come together while working with my hands and therefore being able to literally transform someone manually is simply magical. ”


Académie des Facialistes

L'académie des Facialistes in Paris and its founders, Catherine Bourgeois and Delphine Langlois, directly appealed to Annemiek. Partly because of the enormous amount of knowledge that they convey and the fact that they continue their teachings where others finished. At the beginning of 2021, Annemiek obtained her diploma and can proudly call herself "Facialiste" ever since. A term that comes up in several places, but in this case mostly means: being trained in many different massage techniques exclusively for the face (including neck, neck and décolleté), whereby the wishes of the customer and the condition of the skin are very decisive. Relaxation and strengthening of the muscles, an anti-aging or detox effect, but also always followed by a deep feeling of well-being. Invisible aging is a myth, and you might need to ask yourself whether you should want to? But aging beautifully is possible and as a facialiste Annemiek emphasizes the beauty that was already there. For an "instant" happy effect, inside and out, she needs (just) over an hour.


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